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This concept was a project all about color. This was a project that lasted about 8 months. Over time, I had kept the same topic but had changed so many ideas around as shoots were happening. My first plan was to use flowers and talk about femininity. That was thrown right to the trash. My second idea, was to use the contrast of clean vs. messy or use mess to make the viewer feel uncertain or uncomfortable. After using different color backdrops, that's when I decided to make this project about color. Color is something that I find very inspiring, vivid and bright colors are what catch me the most. Once I started solely thinking about color usage and nothing else, it all came to me. Everything just fell into place, and my color themed shoots were so much easier to put together. So far, this series of work is the most proud I've ever been of anything I've ever created. Something tells me that this series is definitely not over yet...